Media Training

There are lots of agencies that claim to understand how the media works. GSG Counsel's expertise helping clients manage their interactions with the media is second-to-none.

It’s our consultants’ backgrounds as former journalists and as in-house PR practitioners that sets up apart. For over 30 years we have been coaching CEOs, senior executives and board members.

We conduct one-on-one training sessions to prepare executives for important interviews and announcements or group half day and full day sessions. All training sessions are tailored to cater for different levels of experience, from novices to media veterans.

Why we’re different

We believe bespoke media training delivers the best results. Before conducting a training session we conduct extensive research into your organisation and your issues, including reviewing your media coverage and messaging. This allows us to develop highly tailored practice interview questions. We can prepare executives for specific media formats, such as TV and radio, and for different types of media interactions, such as one-on-one interviews, media conference and major announcements with Q&A.

We know how to coach

Coaching executives to conduct a successful media interview is only part of the key to success. We believe It’s also important to be able to transfer our knowledge to our clients in a way that allows them to use their new skills immediately. That’s why we’ve created a fast-paced, fun, and highly effective workshop that has been delivered successfully around Australia.

John Mangos leads our bespoke media coaching and presentation skills practice. With a 36-year career in journalism, John is a highly regarded trainer who has coached some of Australia leading CEOs and senior executives in the art of giving great media interviews and making impactful presentations.

What you will learn

Through extensive on-camera training, interactive exercises, robust discussion, and real-life examples, our trainees leave ready to take on the toughest interviewers.

In a typical coaching session you will learn how to:

  • Understand the rules of working with the media
  • Tailor interviews for print, radio and television
  • Boost your credibility with the audience
  • Develop messages that have impact
  • Cite facts in a compelling manner
  • Develop newsworthy media grabs
  • Transition from off-topic questions to on-message responses
  • Manage adversarial and hostile questioning
  • Remain “on message” without compromising authenticity
  • Spot and avoid reporters’ tricks
  • Create the right “feedback loops” through effective body language
  • Practice techniques for gesture, posture, voice, and eye contact

Case study: CEO preparation for Senate inquiry


The acting CEO of a large government agency was due to appear before a Senate inquiry into the management of the agency. GSG Counsel was engaged to prepare the CEO for what would be a gruelling 3- hour public hearing covering a range of sensitive and controversial issues.


To prepare for the coaching session we conducted extensive research on the government agency and the issues previously raised by the Senate committee. We also reviewed videos of the acting CEO’s previous appearances before the Senate inquiry. Based on this research we developed a detailed Q&A document and a Positioning document which we used to craft the CEO’s responses to a range of potential questions.


We conducted two one-on-one coaching sessions with the CEO that were recorded to provide instant feedback. We also workshopped responses on the CEO’s future strategy for the agency. The acting CEO performed strongly at the next Senate inquiry and was subsequently appointed to the role full-time in 2016.

how can we help you?

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GSG Counsel developed the concept for Salt & Shein to launch the first ever ‘Power 50 Report’ of Australia’s most influential corporate affairs executives. It was a great thought leadership exercise that’s reinforced our leadership credentials amongst clients and candidates.

Peter Salt
Founder & Director, Salt & Shein

GSG Counsel provided valuable communications and media advice and hands-on support during a challenging period in our company’s development.

Glen Lewis
Managing Director, NuCoal Resources

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